Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Five: Wedding Anxiety Edition

1 // revolution

A new spin studio, Revolution, opened up in one of the retail spaces in our apartment complex and I took my first ride last night. It was my first spinning class, so I was really nervous. I rarely do any sort of cardio and I've recently discovered I have minimal rhythm; all of this added up to making this class quite a challenge.  Luckily, I survived. However I have A LOT to learn. How are people able to bounce up and down with the beat of their legs? How do you switched from sitting to standing without wobbling over? What's more pretentious "cycling" or "spinning"?

I did learn one thing halfway through the class last night; your shoes should lock into the pedals - not slide around causing you to get hit with your bike. That was good to learn.

Also, ouch. My whole bottom area has never felt like this. How many days will it be before it doesn't hurt when I sit?

All in all, I really did enjoy the class. I'll continue taking rides here and there because it was a great workout. Hopefully my coordination will improve too.

2 // true detective

Over the last week, Adam and I made our way through the first season of True Detective. We both really enjoyed it. I liked seeing a twist on the typical crime series and it was great to see Matthew McConaughey in such a wild role. I expect the series to pull in lots of Emmys next awards season.

We're now looking for our next show to binge. I'm still about halfway through Breaking Bad (I know, I need to finish it up), but I think we might start on The Americans next. What are you watching right now? Anything we need to see?

Speaking of addictive shows, I got real excited seeing the trailer for the next season of Orange is the New Black. Can't wait for June.

3 // wedding anxiety

We're 6 weeks out from the big day (!!!!) and wedding anxiety and stress has started to hit me. It's nothing bad and I honestly don't have anything I should be stressing about, but just making sure everything is on pace these last few weeks is making me nervous. I've had two wedding-related nightmares (one where I forgot to send the Save the Dates, the other I forgot the flowers) and poor Adam had his first nightmare last night (it was 6pm day-of and the guys hadn't picked up their tuxes yet).

I'm in a spot right now where I there are a lot of dependencies and I can't check anything off my list, I think this is where some of the stress is coming from. I'm hoping in a few weeks when the honeymoon is booked, all RSVPs are back in, and programs are complete I'll feel a little bit more calm. I'm hoping I'm not Bridezilla at all, but right now I just want to have an empty "to-do" list - and that is impossible.

4 // wedding flowers

Speaking of wedding nightmares, I think the flower nightmare is related to the fact that I'm DIYing the bouquets and centerpieces. I might be crazy, but we're going to order flowers in bulk from I like the idea of getting A TON more flowers for the price and seeing what I can do in terms of decorating. The bouquets might be a small challenge, but most of our vases for our centerpieces are single stem, so those should be simple to arrange. I'm hoping to have our order picked out in the next week, so right now I'm googling lots of "how many stems for a bridesmaid bouquet" "how to make a boutonniere", etc. Any flower advice is appreciated if you've ever gone down this path. Below are a few of my inspiration pins, obviously I have peonies, blush/ivory roses, ranunculus, and greenery on my mind.

5 // game of thrones

If I'm not having wedding-related dreams, they're probably Game of Thrones-related. The new season kicked off a couple weeks ago (LOVING IT) and last weekend I started reading the first book. I've spent way too much internal energy debating whether I want to read the books before the show airs, and I still haven't decided, but I figured, for the time being, I can read the earlier books.

It is nice getting a little bit more background on the characters and the history of the Seven Kingdoms. I feel like knowing these details helps me appreciate the characters, but I love watching the show so much and being surprised at the twists and deaths that I don't know if I'll keep reading when I catch up. Also, I'm entirely aware this is a silly thing to stress out about.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, April 4, 2014

friday five: final four edition

1 // final four

(Obviously Peeta is a Kentucky fan)

SAY WHAT??? I know I wrote about it earlier in the week, but it still hasn't hit me that Kentucky is playing in the Final Four Saturday night. This is a wild March Madness (although, I guess it's April now) and I'm just trying to enjoy and soak in every moment. Although, it wouldn't be too shabby to get our 9th National Championship Monday night. ;)

2 // my new favorite shoes

Thanks to my shoe friend, Erin, I have a new pair of fabulous Rowen's. My Rowen love affair is well documented on the blog, but this new pair is making a run for my favorite ever. They were super comfortable from the get-go (not a single blister) and I absolutely love the painted cork exterior.

3 // cooper river bridge run

The bridge run is this weekend and that means one thing - I'm locking myself in my apartment until Saturday night. The bridge run is definitely a cool event, but this cool event brings a lot of car traffic and people traffic into a very tiny peninsula. The race maps right by my apartment, so I'll do a little spectating tomorrow morning, but for the most part I'm going to try and avoid the clogs.

4 // game of thrones

(I'll never forget you, Khal Drogo.)

Somehow this one snuck up on me. Game of Thrones returns Sunday night! I have so much catching up to do! I'll all caught up on episodes, but I may need to rewatch a few (Red Wedding excluded) to get back in the right frame of mind for the premier. It's hard remembering where 245 characters are in their lives. I'm having a hard enough time remembering who is still alive.

We just signed up for HBO for GOT, so I've also been catching up on season 3 of Girls. Next on the docket is True Detective. I feel like I've missed out on so much without HBO (feel bad for me, please).

5 // the warehouse

We can basically see The Warehouse from my apartment, so I'm not sure why it took us so long to finally pop in, but I'm glad we did. Adam and I grabbed dinner and drinks on Wednesday night before he headed out for his bachelor party. I was actually surprised by the size of the bar, from the exterior I thought it was a lot smaller. We were both very happy with our drinks (not hard for Adam, he had Bud Light) and dinner. I ordered the Farmers Plate and it was a delicious. Just look at that pretty picture. I think we've found a new bar/restaurant to add to our rotation.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A couple weeks ago I had the most fantastic time in Asheville, NC celebrating my bachelorette party! Friends traveled in from Charleston and Kentucky for a weekend full of bar hopping, eating, and just general exploring. I had so much getting to hang out with all of my favorite people (minus a few!) and have different groups meet each other. 

Asheville was the perfect host city for the party. It was super easy to walk around everywhere so people could pop in and out as they pleased - no stress with taxis and figuring out rides. We were also spoiled by the restaurants - Curate, in particular, and Bluebird were both delicious and great atmospheres. 

I felt so spoiled by my friends all weekend. I am cheesy, but I am really lucky and blessed to have met such a great group of girls.

Also, I totally stole this timeline from Laura's blog, with some minor adjustments, for a pretty solid recap of the how the weekend went.

10:00am - Hit the road!

1:30pm - Stop at Chick-Fil-A in Columbia, because - of course.

3:00pm - Checked into our hotel in Asheville.

3:30pm - Pre Dinner Champagne at 5 Walnut Wine Bar with the Charleston car.

The first car of troopers kicking things off right with a couple bottles of champagne.
Updating our brackets, because that's what Kentucky girls do.

Exploring Asheville with my boo, Jen.

6:30pm - Dinner at Curate with the next arriving car (Natalie and Laura)

The early arrivers at Curate. Delicioso. 

8:00pm - The whole group together! All cars have arrived! Drinks!  UK game!  Dancing!  Selfies!  At Pack's Tavern

The whole gang's here! Full group on the first night out.

1:00am - Pit stop on the walk back to the hotel at Off the Wagon Dueling Piano Bar.

2:30am - Called it a night.


11:00am - Breakfast at the hotel.

1:00pm - Lunch at LAB.

2:00pm - Walking around downtown and did a little shopping with the group.

3:00pm - Got a yummy peanut butter cup latte from Double D's, a coffee shop in a bus. 

3:30pm - Watched some basketball with the group at Barley's. Enjoyed a nice flight of Asheville beers.

 6:00pm - Back to the hotel to get ready and have a fun lingerie shower!

Fancy night! Love my ladies.

8:00pm - Dinner at Blackbird.

Waiting for our table. 

10:00pm - Back to Wicked Weed to try out the JalapeƱo Mango beer - and too many "vodka bombs".

1:00am - Explored all around Asheville to find The Vault.


3:00am - Back to the hotel.

4:00am - Bedtime after some fun late-night chats.


10:00am - Headed home. 

2:30pm - Watched Kentucky beat Wichita State. I was half dead, but the game revived me!


Also! An update on my wedding checklist. I accomplished some big things in the last couple weeks: invites are in the mail, guest book complete and ordered, and all bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts have been wrapped!

Complete and Order Guest Book - by April 15th
Book Wedding Night Hotel - by end of March
Arrange bridesmaid gifts (already purchased, but I need to wrap/organize) - by end of MarchFinish addressing invitations - by end of March // complete outside of a couple missing addresses
Stuff, stamp, send invites - first week of AprilFinalize ceremony - by April 15th
Meet with ceremony musician - April 27th
Programs - as soon as ceremony is finalized
Hair and Makeup Trial - April 26th
Bridal Portraits - April 26th
Finalize flower picks and order - by mid-April
Buy flower supplies - trip home in May
Finalize Honeymoon - whenever flights are priced best, probably mid-April
Seating chart - after rounding up RSVPs
Apply for marriage license - May 12th
Create weekend timeline - May 16th weekend
Pack! - for wedding and honeymoon - Memorial Day weekend
Confirm final payments - week before
Arrange flowers - Friday morning! May 30th!

Monday, March 31, 2014


There are so many fun things I have to post about (my bachelorette, the Best of Charleston party, birthday celebrations, wedding updates, new favorite restaurants, etc., etc., etc.), but today there is only one thing on my mind:





Seriously, if you had told me that the Wildcats would have been playing in the Final Four a few weeks ago, I would have laughed at you. I love this team, but this has been a frustrating season. Frustrating meaning that we knew they had the talent to do better, but they would still lose to bad SEC teams. It was only four weeks ago that we were in Columbia watching the Cats lose to the 14-20 Gamecocks. You could call that a low point.

Somehow (praise Cal and the TWEAK), they've managed to pull it together and figure it out when it matters the most. Somehow we beat Wichita State (previously undefeated), Louisville (a damn good team and rival), and Michigan (another damn good team). Each of these three teams were in the Final Four last year.

Of course it hasn't been easy. Each of these three games came down to the last minute. For the Louisville game we only led for 67 seconds! I think I've lost weight in the last week due to nervous ticks while watching and thinking about these games. It's insane. I can't even find the right words to describe how this feels.

Adam and I stayed holed up in our apartment for most of the games, but finally ventured outside during the second half of the Michigan game yesterday. We're weird little hermits that need full sound and limited distractions. We've been taking reaction pictures after all of the games and they show how odd we are. I'm a lucky duck for finding someone as obsessed with Kentucky Basketball.

After Wichita State

Shock from beating Louisville

Running the streets of Charleston (to the Mike Birbiglia show) after beating Michigan

This has been such a crazy tournament that I'm not sure where we go from here. I predict we'll be playing Florida in the Championship, but who knows what will happen. Nothing has really made sense, we're just along for the ride and enjoying it as much as possible.

Go Cats!!! #bbn

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday Five // Thursday Edition

I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, so I figured I would get a head start and do the Friday Five today. Thursday Five, y'all.

one // bachelorette party

The reason I'll be MIA tomorrow is that I'll be in Asheville, North Carolina for my bachelorette party! I'm so so so so (not enough sos available to express my happiness) excited to see all of my friends for the weekend. We don't have any concrete plans, but I look forward to a weekend of brewery hopping, basketball watching, and just general hanging out. I wanted to go to Asheville because it's a central location for Charleston and Cincinnati, and I just really enjoy the city. The downtown is small enough to walk around, but there are still a lot of places to explore. And I love the brewery scene. The more beer, the better.

My biggest challenge right now (not really a challenge at all) is figuring out what to pack. Every time I check the weather, it changes. I've also hit the point in the year where if I have to wear another winter coat I may cry. I just want to break out the shorts, dresses, and sandals. Expect me to be the unseasonably dressed weirdo this weekend. The beer will keep me warm, right?

two // march madness

AKA the most wonderful time of the year. My brackets are complete (one for money, one for my heart) and I'm beyond ready for the games to kick off this afternoon. I love every buzzer beater (except when it's Kentucky) and every Cinderella team (except when they're beating Kentucky) and can't wait to see how it shakes up this year. There isn't a super-dominant team (Florida can definitely be beaten), so I think it will be a really interesting Final Four.

three // php graduation

The last few weeks I've been taking a PHP 101 class through the Charleston Digital Corridor. Tonight is my final class and "graduation" - I get a certificate. :) The class has been challenging, but it's also been interesting to learn more about back-end programming. However, my biggest takeaway has been that I prefer front-end development.

four // it's all good

A few weeks ago I purchased Gwyneth Paltrow's latest cookbook It's All Good. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with Gwennie (like most people do, I assume) so I wasn't sure whether I would be a fan of her recipes are not. True life, the cookbook is great. The recipes are all very simple, most of the ingredients span across multiple recipes (don't stress about buying something for 1/4 teaspoon), and the food is really healthy. I've cooked maybe 5-6 recipes so far and have really enjoyed them all. Of course, on some of them I have to up the servings or add meat (she must be feeding birds), but I do recommend the book for good, simple, healthy finds.

five // wedding checklist

May 31st is quickly approaching and I'm slowly starting to get anxious about getting everything done. I've been using The Knot's checklist pretty regularly for the last year, but thought it might be helpful to type out the miscellaneous items we have left to complete. I feel like most of our work is done, but this list scares me a little!

Complete and Order Guest Book - by April 15th
Book Wedding Night Hotel - by end of March
Arrange bridesmaid gifts (already purchased, but I need to wrap/organize) - by end of March
Finish addressing invitations - by end of March // complete outside of a couple missing addresses
Stuff, stamp, send invites - first week of April
Finalize ceremony - by April 15th
Meet with ceremony musician - potentially April 27th weekend when we're home or May 10th
Programs - as soon as ceremony is finalized
Hair and Makeup Trial - April 26th
Bridal Portraits - April 26th
Finalize flower picks and order - by mid-April
Buy flower supplies - trip home in May
Finalize Honeymoon - whenever flights are priced best, probably mid-April
Seating chart - after rounding up RSVPs
Apply for marriage license - May 12th
Create weekend timeline - May 16th weekend
Pack! - for wedding and honeymoon - Memorial Day weekend
Confirm final payments - week before
Arrange flowers - Friday morning! May 30th!

// have a good weekend!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five: St. Patrick's Day Edition

1 // Baby Foot

Wonder where I'm going with this one? Well, a couple weeks ago I finally tested out Baby Foot and I'm hear to tell you my tale. Baby Foot is a foot care product that contains two little booties full 17 natural extracts. These natural extracts help exfoliate and peel dead skin off of your feet. Many of the 17 extracts are from fruits and these fruits contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). AHA is a gentle acid that's often found in skin care and cosmetics.

The Baby Foot process is very simple: you wrap your feet in the booties for up to an hour, rinse the product off, and after about three days your feet will start to peel. This will happen for up to two weeks.

Gross picture alert!

My feet started to peel off right at the three day mark. It was mostly the bottom of my foot and it peeled in big strips. 

After a few days (maybe day 6), the larger strips of skin stopped peeling and my feet started flaking and just looked really dry. The skin was never itchy during the process. Baby Foot doesn't recommend moisturizing your feet, so they looked a little rough for about a week. Showering and soaking your feet can help speed up the exfoliating process.

After two weeks my feet are now done peeling. I think I probably got a full layer of skin peeled off around the foot. My feet are definitely softer, however this product is not a miracle worker. My feet are still a little rough around the heel and big toe. I did lose a layer of skin, but it would probably take more than that to get everything super soft.

2 // Sandals Season!

Speaking of feet, it's almost sandal season! I picked up this mint green pair at Target a couple weeks ago (hello, only $15) and can't wait to bust them out. Maybe our St. Patrick's Day celebration will be warm enough this weekend? Here's hoping!

3 // St. Patrick's Day

Oh happppppy day! One of my most favorites of the year! Since I won't be partying hard on the actual holiday (work...), we're heading out to Sullivan's Island tomorrow for their annual block party. I think I threw out a lot of my decoration and costume pieces when we moved to our tiny studio, so I'll probably be hitting up the Target Dollar Spot for some fun shamrock gear.

4 // Oil Pulling

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but after seeing oil pulling pop up everywhere in the last couple weeks, I was happy to see my favorite "boring blog" wrote a science based approach (read: not anecdotal) to the practice. Oil pulling is "rinsing" your mouth for up to 20 minutes with sesame oil, coconut oil, or something similar. It's thought to help clean, detox (whatever that means), reduce bacteria, and potentially whiten teeth.

What does Science Based Medicine tell me? Oil pulling does show small benefits when used alone, so if it's the only thing you have - it's better than nothing. However, modern dental care (mouthwash, toothpaste, floss) still wins as the superior approach. Fortunately, if you do test out oil pulling, it looks like the only negative side effect is a sore mouth from all the swishing.

5 // New Camera

After stalking DSLRs for the last few months, I finally pulled the trigger last week and ordered the Canon Rebel T3i. I really wanted to get a nice camera before our honeymoon so I wouldn't end up snapping pics on my iPhone. The camera came in Tuesday night and I've been randomly testing it out and trying to read through the manual.  Poor Adam has become my test subject. He'll never complain that there aren't enough pictures of him. I'm hoping to get out and about this weekend (ha, not a chance it's coming to the drunkenness of Sullivan's) and get some outdoor shots. I'm a little overwhelmed with how much the camera can do, but I'm really excited to learn! Ha, maybe I'll even update this blog with some real pictures. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


One of my biggest worries when moving away from Kentucky to Charleston was that it would be difficult to make new friends. Growing up, making friends is pretty easy. School, sports, and part-time jobs just kind of place friends at your feet. You're doing the same things and your schedules are very similar so it's easy to hang out. After college, it's a whole new ballgame - especially when you move away from home.

Thankfully, one of my favorite things about Charleston has been how welcoming everyone is. It might be because a lot of us are transplants, but it's never seemed difficult to meet up with a group on weekends or make dinner (let's be honest, happy hour) plans. I've been extremely lucky that these weekend and dinner friends have evolved to close friendships with people I wouldn't trade for the world.

Last week, these wonderful friends surprised Adam and I big time - with a #bbngagement party!

We were surprised with a Kentucky Wildcats themed engagement party at one of our favorite places, Bay Street Biergarten. Our sneaky friends organized all of our Charleston crew and decked the restaurant (and themselves) out in Kentucky blue.

We had the best time. Adam and I felt so loved by all of these incredible people. Wedding planning can be stressful, but moments when you get to hang out with friends and family and celebrate definitely makes every stress worth it times a million. 


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