New Favorite Blogs and Instagrams

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today I wanted to share a few new Instagram accounts and blogs I'm loving.


I've posted recently about looking for "new" furniture for our next apartment (I use new in quotations because I'm really looking for some new-to-us loved pieces); so I'm really happy I found Charleston Revisions' Instagram account. Charleston Revisions is a second-hand decor shop that specializes in updated antique and mid-century furniture. I've been stalking their Instagram account the last couple weeks for some good finds. I might just have to make a trip to one of their stores this weekend to see the goods in person...


Andrea Serrano is the Charleston Shop Curator. Andrea blogs and posts clothing from local Charleston boutiques. The blog is great to follow because she lets you know where to get each item and the price. In a land of affiliate links, where a lot of times you don't even know the clothing brand until you click, it's refreshing to see all the info upfront. This obviously isn't a perfect scenario for non-Charleston locals, but I think the photography and outfit inspirations are still enough to follow Andrea.


Hatchery is a monthly membership box that sends small-batch, artisan cooking ingredients. I haven't signed up for the box yet (I'm tempted to cancel my Birchbox and make the switch), but I have really enjoyed following along on their Instagram feed. I love looking at pictures of food and Hatchery takes some very pretty pictures. I'm also a fan of their 15-second video series; learn how to soft boil eggs, 15-second cocktails, and how to season a cast iron skillet. Who new Instragram was so educational?


Honestly Yum falls in line with my delight of food pictures. And inventive recipes on top of that and I'm a happy camper. That veggie board in particular was all kinds of awesome.

Television Blues

Friday, August 15, 2014

Do you ever feel like television shows and movies affect your mood too much? Last night I watched an episode of Breaking Bad and it left me feeling sad and depressed. I wasn't able to shake the feeling either. After a few hours, the episode was still on my mind and I had trouble falling asleep. I know it wasn't real, but I just kept replaying events in the show and it made me so sad.

This has happened to me before, mostly with television, but sometimes with movies too. I think TV shows hit me harder because after months, sometimes years, of growing attached to characters I hate to see anything terrible happen to them. I can understand being upset in-the-moment as I'm watching the show, but I don't know if it's healthy to stay in that funk for hours or days.

I think this is why I really enjoy reading television episode recaps {Sepinwall and Vulture are my favorites}; it helps me get either another perspective about the episode or commiserate with people who feel the same way. During live shows, I like to follow along on Twitter, but if I'm marathoning after a show has ended, old recaps are the best way for me to get my community feel.

Is this crazy? Should I just be able to let go after an episode ends? Maybe I need to just watch more fluff shows that don't leave me feeling morose.

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Random notes on a random Thursday:

// Murrells Inlet

We're off to Murrells Inlet tomorrow night to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. I'm looking forward to lots of debauchery and late-night swimming. We always have an awesome time up in Murrells; our friends are incredible hosts and the view is always amazing. Above is a shot from the backyard. How can you not have fun there?

// 100 Happy Days

I'm starting 100 Happy Days on Instagram tomorrow. If you haven't seen the hashtag, basically you just take a picture of something that makes you happy every day for one-hundred days. I'm sure it will be pretty easy at first, but I'm hoping that later in the challenge it makes me start to notice a lot of the little things that add up to my happiness. If you want to follow along, I'm @carlymessmer on Instagram.

// Breaking Bad

I've been in on a full Breaking Bad marathon for the last couple months and I only have 3 episodes left. I started the show with Adam and couple years ago, but stopped watching after the first season. Since the finale last year I've been slowly catching back up. My goal was to finish the series by the time the Emmys air so I can fully enjoy the awards and not have to run from the room screaming for spoilers when they show the nominees. {Side note: spoilers have terrified me for a year, I didn't even Google a Breaking Bad image because I was afraid it would be a picture from the finale. This is why I have panic attacks when I can't watch Game of Thrones real-time.} The Emmys are air in over a week so I feel confident that I'll hit my goal. I didn't think I'd make it when I had 40+ episodes to go, but perseverance and sheer laziness won, I'm almost done.

Now I need to think about my next marathon or series to start. I'm leaning towards The Wire or The Americans. Any favorites?

// Class of 2018

College of Charleston students have been moving back downtown this last week and I've never felt older. It happens every year, but I'm always blown away by how young the freshman look. Sometimes I think I can still pull off being a college student {I probably dress like one most days} and then I see the incoming freshman. Nope, I'm the weird older aunt.

// Burrito Wishes and Guacamole Dreams

Remember when Chipotle was supposed to open downtown in June? I walk past the construction every day and make a little wish for burritos. Someday Chipotle guac will be apart of my life again.

// Chicken and Mango Fried Coconut Rice

I made The Kitchenista's Chicken and Mango Fried Coconut Rice the other night and y'all - incredible. It was so delicious that the recommended 4 servings quickly turned to 2 huge servings for Adam and me. There's a good amount of prep work in the recipe, but the actual cooking time flies by.

Have a good weekend!

Wedding: Family Portraits

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Check out how good we look with our families!

Adam and his parents

Adam and siblings

The whole clan

Plus me!

And spouses!

Siblings and siblings-in-laws


Dad and Mom





New siblings!

My clan

Plus Adam!

I promise there are only like 10 wedding posts left. Ha!
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