Friday Five: THE DRESS

Friday, February 27, 2015

+ Last night Adam and I took a French Supper cooking class at Charleston Cooks. The class was my birthday gift and it was most excellent. I've gone to a few cooking classes before, but this one was definitely my favorite. This class was full hands-on participation style. Our little group of students took part in helping cook each of the courses. I'm going to write in more detail about the class next week, but suffice to say - I highly recommend it.

+ Black and blue? White and gold? What were you? I started out as white and gold, but someone along the way my eyes switched and now all I see is blue and black. My brain must be broken. I loved Twitter last night, tweets about the dress were top notch.

+ My friend Amy sent me this quiz on whether you should be on The Bachelor. The quiz told me I shouldn't have been on the show and if I had I would end up in the limo crying on my way home. Close call.

+ Kentucky is 28-0 and I just have to keep on mentioning it.

+ Today I'm super excited to grab lunch with my aunt and cousin. They're popping into Charleston for the afternoon and we're either grabbing food at Hominy Grill or Leon's. I don't get to see a lot of family down here, so it's always extra special when I do.

Have a good weekend!

Lush Advice

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Have y'all shopped at Lush before? A retail store opened up in Charleston a few months ago and I've been in to pick up gifts, but never anything for myself, until last week. I purchased a bar of the Sexy Peel body soap (the yellow soap in the collage). I am absolutely loving it. I went with a citrus-scented soap because I wanted something to remind me of happy, warm days while it's chilly in Charleston. For some reason in my mind citrus = sunshine.

Now that I'm hooked on the body soap, I'm trying to figure out what I should test next. Do you have any favorites? I feel like I need to go into the store with a game plan next time because the sales associates are pretty relentless.

Do shampoo bars actually work? Are shower jellies ridiculous?

Goodbye Parks and Rec

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tonight I have to say goodbye to my beloved Pawnee, Indiana. The Parks and Recreation finale airs at 10PM on NBC.

I've been inhaling as many articles and thought pieces on Parks as possible for the last few days. I'm so sad that all of my favorite characters will be on TV no more. I know I sound completely ridiculous being this attached to a TV show, but it's been important to me. It was so nice to watch a hilarious, smart show on television that also excels in being kind.

If you love the citizens of Pawnee like I do, here are a few of the great articles I've been reading:

How Parks and Recreation Found All-Time Greatness in Simple Goodness
How Parks and Recreation Managed to Survive for Seven Seasons
Looking Back Over Seven Seasons of Leslie Knope
All 26 Tom Haverford Business Ideas on Parks and Recreation, Ranked by Viability
Toast Parks and Recreation's Finale With Its Best Drinking Moments
All the amazing relationship lessons I learned from 'Parks and Rec'
Parks and Recreation is a love letter to America as we wish it could be

If you've yet to watch the show, I highly recommend it. Season 1 isn't great, but please trudge through. You'll be beyond grateful when you make it to Season 3 and 4.

5000 candles in the wind...

That time I got into a fight with a Banana

Monday, February 23, 2015

This past Saturday, Adam and I made a trip up to Charlotte to continue celebrating his birthday with his present, tickets to the Hornets / Oklahoma City Thunder game.

After grabbing breakfast at Normandy Farms, a quick workout, and then grabbing lunch at goat.sheep.cow, we hit the road. Unfortunately, we hit a bad spell of traffic a little bit south of Columbia. The traffic put us back about an hour, so we once we made it to Charlotte we had to hurry to get some food before the game.

Luckily our hotel was maybe a quarter of a mile from the arena. After a quick refresh in the hotel, we popped into Mortimer's Pub to eat and grab some drinks before the Hornets game. Adam and I have been to a game before, when the team was the Bobcats. This was before we were dating and just friends, so it's a little fun to remember that night.

The game itself was a lot of fun. I didn't grow up around an NBA team, so it's always a spectacle for me. Sometimes the music and games feel a little hokey, but it is cool to see all of the kids really enjoying it. We were slightly bad fans because we skipped out on about a quarter of the game to sit at the bar deck and watch the Kentucky / Auburn game. Whoops. Sorry guys, I can't not watch my Cats.

Watching the Kentucky game...can't stop, won't stop

Kentucky pulled out an awesome win (27-0!), but unfortunately Charlotte was not able to do the same. Although the fourth quarter of the game was pretty great when both teams were playing at full capacity.

Adam and his lover

After the game, we popped back over into the complex across the street (it's full of restaurants, bars, and a little shopping) to get some dessert. Adam demanded froyo on his birthday. Ha, mind you this is the third weekend of Adam celebrating his birthday. He was taking advantage of it until the end.

You might be wondering what the title of this post has to do with anything that has happened. Well, after we had some froyo, we were walking around trying to find a bar that 1) didn't have a line and 2) didn't have a cover. We talked to another couple who was standing outside and they recommended a bar right around the corner from where we were. We started walking that way and noticed someone was completely passed out on the concrete sidewalk without anyone around. This person was also dressed up as a banana.

From what we were told, there had been a bar crawl where people dressed up like bananas. I don't really know anything else. Now this girl was knocked out cold. Adam and I tried to talk to her and gently wake her up, but she was not moving. We could tell that she was breathing, though. The other couple that we had just been talking to ran over. We decided that we needed to either call 911 or get security. This girl was flat on her back and we had no idea how she fell or if she hit her head, none of us wanted to try and get her up without knowing if there was any kind of damage.

We were on the third story of this complex in a quiet corner, so there really weren't a lot of people walking by. At one point, I noticed two other bananas waiting for an elevator. I ran over to them and asked if they knew the girl on the ground, but they said no and just continued on their way.

Eventually, a small crowd gathered around the girl who was passed out. 911 was on the phone and the manager of the bar we were in front of came out. At one point, another group of bananas finally came up. A girl (dressed as a banana), came up to all of us and started yelling, "What is wrong with you people? You just stand over a girl on the ground and don't even help her?!" She then proceeded to start to pull the girl up as our group protested. We were terrified there might have been spinal injuries.

I stayed pretty calm as we were being yelled at by this drunken banana. From what we could tell, the passed out girl fortunately didn't have any neck or back injuries, but she was drunk in a bad way. A few people had to carry her out.

I was wrong when I thought it had calmed down and was over. Then, drunken banana #2 (who pulled up #1 haphazardly) came back over to yell at us again. I couldn't take it and I ended up yelling back. This was probably the first time in my life I've been at any confrontation at this level. I can't remember exactly what I said, but something along the lines of "we were helping your friend who you left passed out cold. You don't just grab someone off the floor like that when you don't know how she fell." Banana #2 got back in my face and just yelled, "ARE YOU A NURSE? BECAUSE I AM." Luckily, the woman of the original couple we were talking to pulled me back and just said, "Don't do it, she's crazy."

The scene cleared pretty quickly after that. It was ridiculous. Adam and I did finally pop into the bar for a much-needed drink. My favorite part was when the guy whose phoning we were using to call 911 came up to me and yelled, "ARE YOU A NURSE?".

Charlotte, we'll always remember you as the banana city.