100 Happy Days: Week 4

Friday, September 12, 2014

It's another 100 Days of Happiness!

// Day 22

Books, books, everywhere. This is a snap of all of our books on the floor of the new apartment. We didn't have a ton of boxes, so we would routinely fill something up at the old place, dump it at the new, and reuse the box. I can now say that these beautiful books are off the floor, but I can't speak to their styling.

// Day 23

We woke up bright and early Saturday to get a good start on our move. We had movers come around 10am to help with the furniture and by 3pm we were pooped. We gave ourselves a little break to watch football at the friend's house. My friend Amy made me happy that day, so I took a picture of her.

// Day 24

After unpacking a million and one boxes on Sunday I needed a breather and some fresh air. I took a little walk down to Waterfront Park and took this pic. I'm still amazed that we live 2 minutes walking from the harbor. It's gorgeous and unreal.

// Day 25

My Lulie! I won a Lulie Wallace painting back in July and never had a good place to hang it at our old studio. Now that we've moved, I've made sure that it's front and center! I love it so much and it makes me so happy every time I look at it. 

// Day 26

More unpacking! This was a before and after shot of the kitchen. Unfortunately, it's starting to look like the before again with all the things we're still moving over from the old place. I'm dreaming of the day (in a couple weeks) where everything is in its proper place.

// Day 27

School supplies! I started a Floral Design course through Trident Tech this week and these were my necessary supplies; pruning shears, wire cutter, and a floral knife. This was probably one of my most fun school supply shopping trips ever.

// Day 28

A quick snapshot from my class last night - Last night was more of an introduction to the course, so we didn't do anything hands on, but we picked up lots of great tips on floral care and the industry. I'm very, very excited for this course.

I'm off to Kentucky tonight for a little over a week...100 Happy Days on travel next week!

Have a good weekend!

Humpday Hollas

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I wanted to get really nerdy and alliterate today's post, so I present Hump Day Hollas. These are basically random shoutouts or thanks to people, places, and things that made me happy this week.

Holla to having a two-week overlap between rental locations. Life is easier when you can slowly move in and out.

Holla to the guys who created the latest George Washington memes. I love these so hard that it was hard to not post them all.

Holla to Normandy Farms for the delicious breakfast biscuit and iced coffee this morning.

Holla to the slightly cooler temperatures. I'm not ready for fall, but I do appreciate being below 95 degree every day.

Holla to Amazon Prime for delivering a garbage can in 2 days - we really need it...

Holla to The Mindy Project coming back next week.

Holla to Pinckney's Produce CSA starting next week. Bring on the fresh vegetables!

Holla to the iPhone 6!

Hahaha, I feel so cheesy writing holla that many times. Hope you all are having a good week!

Wedding: Bride & Groom

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's been a couple weeks since I shared a million pictures of us, so I figured it was time to post some more. I promise after this there's only one wedding post left. Here's a collection of bride/groom pictures of Adam and me pre-ceremony and post. 

Downtown Living

Monday, September 8, 2014

This past weekend was all about the move. We made most of the move to our new apartment in the French Quarter. All of my pictures from the weekend are pretty terrible: empty apartments, rooms full of boxes, no good blog material. Instead, I thought it might be nice to quickly document my downtown living. This post is mostly for me to remember in many years, I'm sure you all don't care where I slept from 2011-2013. But if you do, here we go --

1 // South Battery (December 2010-June 2011)

My first experience with living in downtown Charleston was on South Battery. I had lived on James Island for the previous 2 years and all I really wanted to do was live downtown. I worked downtown, I went out downtown, I really wanted to live there too. I had a roommate on James Island who was looking for a job in Charlotte; we knew as soon as she received that job we would all be giving our complex notice. I was hoping she'd get a job for her own benefit, but also for mine so I could start moving. 

Luckily, she did find that job and in December of 2010 I moved into a house with 2 new Craigslist friends. It was my first experience finding a roommate through Craigslist, but it ended up being perfect. The house was in a great locations, was in fairly good shape for the age, but my roommates were the best part. 

This was my first time renting a house that was also for sale. It made things a little bit more complicated with real estate showings and never knowing when the lease was going to end. The lease did end at the end of June 2011 (I signed a short lease) and the three of us were on the hunt for something new. 

2 // Parrothead (July 2011-October 2011)

I learned that sometimes things are too good to be true on house 2. We found a Craigslist listing for a 5-bedroom, 4200 square foot home, on the marsh, in our price range - there should have been some red flags. This house was outside of traditional downtown and we wouldn't be able to walk places, but the home was beautiful and it was gorgeous on the water. I still had my scooter so I could scoot to work no problem. 

We moved into this behemoth home and were out maybe 3 months later. It was taxing for me, because I chose to live on the fourth floor. Two moves in 3 months was rough. This house was also for sale while we were renting, but it was a little bit more complicated because it was a pre-foreclosure. We were half-negotiating with the owner, half-negotiating with the bank. It ended up being our decision to cut ties early and leave the month-to-month lease because we could see getting screwed somewhere down the line. It was that strange summer we lived in a mansion on the water. 

3 // Alexander (October 2011-October 2013)

Alexander was the fourth place I lived in one year, but thankfully I was there for a full two. I loved this house, it was the most-stable and best location of the bunch. I still miss hanging out in the living room and watching all the terrible Bravo shows with my roommates. This house will also hold a special place because it was my last time living with roommates and seeing my girlfriends all day. I miss this house for many reasons, but one being that no one is around approve/deny my outfit before we go out.

4 // Elan (October 2013-September 2014)

Adam and I moved into our first tiny studio in the fall of 2013. This was pre-wedding (que horror!) so it stirred up a tiny bit on controversy. This was the smallest apartment/room I had ever lived in (529 sq. ft.) and I was sharing it with another person. There was a little adjustment, but I think we handled it perfectly. I'm going to write more about our time at Elan in another post (with pictures!), but wanted to give a special shout-out to the first place I lived with my husband.

5 // French Quarter (September 2014 - ??)

And now...we're in a two-bedroom apartment in the French Quarter! Honestly, this is the kind of apartment I dreamed about living in when I first moved to Charleston, but figured it wouldn't be possible. We're living amongst the boxes right now (where's my umbrella?), but I really couldn't be happier to be in this new place. I'm looking forward to exploring this part of Charleston more often and being able to finally host guests again. Once we get a little settled I'm hoping to take a few pictures of the apartment to share.

Have a good week!
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