My 10-Step Daytime Beauty Routine

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I always really enjoy reading beauty routine posts. They help me learn about new beauty products, as well as application techniques. I feel like I'm still a rube in terms of makeup (YouTube tutorials amaze me), but I'm incrementally getting better at not looking like a clown.

Here's my current 10-Step Daytime Routine:

1) Moisturizer

I rotate between either a Dr. Hauschka Day Cream (Quince or Rose) or Suki's Balancing Day Lotion. The Hauschka Rose Day Cream is great in the winter because it's very thick, moisturizing, and not oily at all.

2) Concealer

Concealer and I have become pretty tight over the last year. Even if there's a day where I'm not really wearing makeup, I still dab some under my eyes. I don't know if it's a getting older thing, but it really does make a big difference. My eyes go from dark and sunken in to a normal person immediately.

3) Primer

I don't apply a primer year-round, but during the winter months when my skin is paler and a little more blotchy, I apply a light primer so my makeup stays in place longer.

4) Powder

I'm still trying to find a foundation that doesn't make me look like I've caked on a pound of makeup (Laura Mercier's Tinter Moisturizer is on its way), but until I find that product, I'm sticking with Bare Minerals Powder Foundation. The powder provides enough coverage to fill in pores and cover up redness without making me look like I've spent my morning applying makeup.

5) Blush

Without a summer glow, blush is a must.

6) Eyebrows

I feel like I was let in on a little beauty secret when I learned about filling in my eyebrows. Now I can't leave the house without a little brow touch up. I use ELF's brow kit and it's awesome. Especially since it was $3.

7) Highlighter

I apply a small bit of highlighter in the corner of my eyes to help give me the "awake" look in the morning before I've had my coffee.

8) Eyeshadow

I'm currently using the Naked 3 palette and I love it. It has a hefty price (I buy during 20% off sales), but I find that I'm much less likely to go shopping and pick up a 1 or 2 pot eyeshadow. It also lasts forever.

9) Eyeliner

I don't apply much eyeliner, but enough on my top outside lash line so that my eyes look a little bigger.

10) Mascara

Mascara is another must. If I'm in a super rush I stick to concealer, brow liner, and mascara.

It might seem like 10 steps is a lot for a daytime beauty routine, but I apply everything super quick. It takes approximately 7-8 minutes a morning for me to get through this process. I like to time myself.

Beauty gurus, what am I missing? Is there a crucial step I skip? Any new product you're loving?


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lately, I've been...

Loving...the holiday madness!

Eating...too much!

Drinking...An Old Fashioned with Bittermilk. I'm hooked.

Making...a Christmas arrangement for our living room (pictured above).

Watching...Vanderpump Rules. I can't help it, it's my guilty pleasure.

Listening...The New D'Angelo album. Bonus, it's on Spotify!

Reading...Lucky Us for a book club.

Procrastinating...Addressing our Christmas Cards.

Anticipating...The Wedding Floral Design Course I'm taking in January.

Missing...the gym! I'm hoping to get back to working out again this week.

Cooking...Anything with cheese. On the menu this weekend: beer cheese, hanky pankies, and spinach dip.

Buying....The Madewell Zip Transport Tote. Merry Christmas to me!

Searching...for a rye bread bowl. Charleston friends, help me out!

Piper Palooza Recap

Monday, December 15, 2014

And that's a wrap! We just closed the book on the 2014 wedding season. Here's my weekend in a timeline format:

Adam and I took off to Cincinnati Friday afternoon for a quick trip to celebrate the nuptials of our good friends, Lindsey and Kraig.

We were immediately picked up at the airport and taken to the bar. Adam's brother picked us up and we went to Drake's in Florence to meet his other siblings and hang out. It was a fun night to catch up, eat, have drinks and play some games. We were in bed around midnight since we had a big day ahead of us.

Kentucky played North Carolina at noon, so Saturday was a full day. We started the day watching the game with my parents (Laura came!) at Dickmann's. The kitty cats kicked some booty! My parents and I switched locations post-game and went to Barleycorn's. Eventually, I made it back home to quickly get ready for the wedding.

I need to start bringing wedding invitations home with me because somehow I took us to the wrong church and reception. The church part was confusing, I went to Lakeside Christian instead of Lakeside Presbyterian. In my defense, they were only a mile apart. We luckily made it on time for the ceremony.

The reception was another stupid error. I had confused the venues, but again was lucky that they were only 2 blocks from one another.

The wedding was so much fun. The bride was absolutely perfect, we got to catch up with lots of old friends, and completely tore apart the dance floor. I love weddings, but my body is happy for the temporary rest until the set takes off next year.

Sunday morning it was pretty much get up and go. Our flight was at noon. We had a few hiccups (a delay that would have caused us to miss our connection in DC), but US Air was actually really responsive and rerouted us to Charlotte and we ended up getting to Charleston about the same time as originally planned.

Once we made it to the apartment I became best friends with the couch.

It's hard to believe we'll be home again in just a little over a week for Christmas. The madness is beginning!

Hump Day Hollas: Spatchcock Edition

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today I have another super random edition of Hump Day Hollas.

Holla to the spatchcock.

Image via

Spatch-what you say? Spatchcocking is when you cut the backbone out of poultry so that it cooks on a flat surface. The whole process of cutting out the bone is pretty brutal, but the final result was worth it. I roasted a chicken last night using the spatchcock method. In return, I had a perfectly cooked bird that roasted quicker than normal.

Holla to Rent the Runway for 25% off promos.

Rent the Runway rarely has any promos or sales, so 25% off is a great deal. Unfortunately, I'm supposed to share the code, not use them myself. First come, first serve.

Friend 1: RF12110486B4
Friend 2: RF121150C8F2

Holla to my boo Lindsey. One of my good friends is getting married this weekend and I am so, so excited to join in the festivities. Adam and I are heading home to Kentucky Friday afternoon for another whirlwind wedding weekend.

Holla to my haircut tomorrow evening.

Image via

I've really been disliking my current layers, so tomorrow night I'm going for the full chop. I'm all about that bob.

Holla to my Kentucky Wildcats for being the number one team in the country and for starting the season off 9-0. Let's kick North Carolina's ass this weekend!

Holla to my Christmas Floral Design Class this evening. I'm ready to get some festive flowers up in our little apartment.

Holla to Nene and Kim on Watch What Happens Live. Did anyone else tune in? I was shamefully happy to see those two together again.

Holla to the sriracha croissant from Brown's Court Bakery. I have dreams about this croissant - it is so good and delicious.