My Thanksgiving Menu and Timeline

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adam and I are staying in Charleston for Thanksgiving this year. This will be our third year not traveling back to Kentucky. I love being home for Thanksgiving and seeing family and friends, but with Thanksgiving so close to Christmas the traveling becomes too stressful and frankly expensive. To start creating our own little family tradition, I make Thanksgiving dinner at our place. It's a really nice time to relax and enjoy each other's company while the rest of Charleston is quiet.

Last year I went a little too "all out" on Thanksgiving and we had an insane amount of leftovers. I love leftovers as much as the next person, but it was still too much. My goal this year is to tone it down a little so that we can still have a big, happy meal, but I'm not in the kitchen for two days straight. Here's our simplified Thanksgiving menu for two:


Instead of cooking a full turkey, I picked up some turkey breast steaks from Whole Foods. I'm still trying to find the right marinade for the meat, but going with just the breast meat will really cut down on cooking time and still give us a festive bird to eat.

Please let me know if you have a recommended recipe. The results for "turkey breast" and "turkey tenderloin" are pretty sad compared to the full bird.


I made these green beans last year and they were awesome. Of course, we need a green on the table, but who says we can't wrap it in bacon?


Starch, starch, starch. Alton Brown hasn't failed me yet, so I'll be making his mashed potatoes.


Just a traditional cranberry sauce to smother my turkey. I love loading cranberries up on turkey sandwiches the next day.


While technically not "Derby Pie" (it's trademarked) this Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie was one of the shining stars of our meal last year. I skip the pumpkin and choose chocolate (and bourbon) instead.

Other things I'm considering making, because I cannot stop going overboard:
Parker House Rolls
Baked brie with cranberry sauce
Gravy (dripping free)

Our Drinks:
Mimosas in the morning
Old Fashioneds in the afternoon
and red wine in the evening

My Thanksgiving Prep Timeline:

Take an inventory of the pantry
Finalize shopping list

Make pie crust

Make Derby Pie
Make Cranberry Sauce

Thursday Morning:
Make mashed potatoes
Drink mimosas

Thursday afternoon:
Make green beans
Make turkey breast
Heat up mashed potatoes

Thursday evening:
Eat, drink and be thankful!

Weekend Recap: Celebration Style

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hope everyone had a great weekend - Cheers to a short Thanksgiving work week! I had the perfect mix of social, celebratory, and relaxing weekend.

Friday night we went to the Palmetto Society Oyster Roast at the Bus Shed. We've been to this roast a few times and it's always a lot of fun. I feel like we see half the people we know in Charleston every year. It was definitely chilly, but our beer jackets helped us stay warm. Unfortunately, the food was disappointing this year. There weren't many oysters and the chili and hot dogs were gone quick. I don't know if they sold too many tickets or just didn't allot for enough food, but it was kinda a downer. I'll have to go to another oyster roast soon to get my fix.

After the oyster roast, we still needed to eat. We hit up Rarebit for some late-night breakfast and then I met some friends at Silver Dollar for a night cap. Thanks to Uber I was home super quick and cheap.

Saturday I cursed the sky for waking up way too early. I was up and moving at 7am. I was also still super hungry; apparently Rarebit wasn't enough food the night before either. Thankfully we're about a hop, skip, and a jump from Normandy Bakery; a couple breakfast sandwiches later I was in much better shape.

After breakfast, Adam and I ran up to the outlets to start a little Christmas shopping and then hit up the Lowcountry Local First's Buy Local Block Party. Post-block party we grabbed a delicious lunch at Dellz Uptown. Once we wrapped up running around town I took a delightful mid-afternoon nap. I was exhausted!

Our Saturday evening plans were the highlight of the weekend; we had a wonderful dinner at Oak Steakhouse to celebrate Adam's new job! He's been at the same company for the last six and a half years so it's a big change. I'm so proud of him and excited for this new adventure.

Needless the say, the dinner was incredible. We overindulged with steak, wine, pomme frites, lobster mac and cheese, brussels sprouts, and chocolate cake. We crashed early Saturday night with full, happy bellies.

Sunday we continued the good food train and grabbed our favorite breakfast sandwiches at Mozzo before going to an early showing of Mockingjay. I really enjoyed Mockingjay, but it messed me up a little emotionally. I wish I could disconnect and just watch the movie, but it was like I felt every emotion Katniss was feeling. I was in a funk for a few hours after the movie. Adam definitely thinks I'm a little crazy.

The rest of our Sunday was pretty lazy. It rained all day, so we felt encouraged to chill out. We wrapped up the weekend with a Kentucky basketball win and a viewing of The Walking Dead (like most Sundays).

And now only three days till Thanksgiving! :)

100 Happy Days: Week 14

Friday, November 21, 2014

I've almost reached the end! Only two days of happiness (on Instagram) to go!

// DAY 92

Here's how my introvert weekend started last week: with red wine, chinese food, and Kentucky basketball. It was a good night.

// DAY 93

A partial show of the wreath I made on Saturday. It was a really simple wreath, hypericum berries wrapped around a metal wreath base. The berries are starting to turn now (to more of a purple) and I'm holding off on whether it looks rustic and nice or just dead. 

// DAY 94

Adam and I took a little sunset walk around the neighborhood last Sunday. "Sunset" is used loosely, it was so foggy it was hard to see much at all. The fog and the quiet made our walk a little spooky. I loved looking out on the water to that blur.

// DAY 95

The weather has been cold this week, but we've been blessed with some pretty incredible sunsets. After the foggy failure the day before, I snapped this picture from my office window. One of the only advantages of the time change is having a good seat to the sunsets.

// DAY 96

Kentucky had a BIG BIG BIG basketball game against Kansas Tuesday night and we were hyped up. This was the first big test of the season and the boys definitely passed with flying colors. We tromped Kansas 72-40. Kansas only scored 12 points in the second half. What's even scarier is that Kentucky can still get a lot better. It's only November and we're beating the number 5 team in the nation by 32 points. This is going to be a wild season.

// DAY 97

Wednesday night I had a fun little happy hour date with some lady friends. We hit up Lana for their drink and tapas specials. The drinks were great (pinot noir was incredibly smooth) and the tapas were kinda so-so - good, but not spectacular. Obviously the best part was catching up with friend.

// DAY 98

Last night I busted out our copper mugs for the first time to make some Moscow Mules. They were a delicious almost-end-of-week cocktail. The mugs are also pretty awesome - they stay so cold I'm tempted to just start drinking my water out of them.

Have a good weekend!

Celebrities I would like to be friends with based on their Twitter accounts

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I love Twitter, especially when I'm alone. It's where all of my stupid thoughts go. I would never recommend following me because I'm pretty sure I never Tweet anything useful. I get a little embarrassed when people I know in real life find my account. It's more of my sounding board of random things, so I have no idea why anyone would want to follow along. I guess this blog is the same way. Again really random things. Ha, please keep reading. I'm at @carly_jane if you do like a mix of sports/complaints/food tweets.

I'm going to keep it random today and share some of my favorite celebrities to follow on Twitter. These people actually tweet funny things that make me laugh. I try and limit the number of celebrities I follow on Twitter to people that I would like to know and hang out with in real life.

Here are some of the accounts that regularly get giggles out of me.


I love Chrissy's tweets because they mostly revolve around food. She is a girl after my own heart. She also has no filter and says whatever she wants. It's pretty refreshing. I would probably say whatever I wanted on Twitter if 1) my account was private and small 2) I was rich/self-employed and never had to worry about someone looking at my Tweet history for job reasons. Since I do not fall into either of those buckets, I'll keep my Twitter rated PG (PG-13 while watching sporting events).

Some favorite Chrissy tweets:


I would like to sit on a couch in sweatpants with Anna Kendrick and drink wine. (Sorry for the extreme amount of prepositions in the last sentence).

Some favorite Anna tweets:


I can't figure out Chelsea Peretti, but I think I like that about her.

Some favorite Chelsea tweets:


I'm fine with being friends with Mindy Kaling or Mindy Lahiri; I'm pretty sure they're both great.

Some favorite Mindy tweets:

Who am I missing? Who are your favorite celebrity Twitter accounts? Also, are you on Twitter? @ me!