My Favorite Sunflower Arrangements

Friday, July 24, 2015

I've always been drawn to sunflowers. My first "big girl" room was decorated with sunflower everything; my bedding, wallpaper, and lamps all had the big bright blooms front and center. And to top it off, my walls were painted a bright, happy yellow. It would probably give me a headache as an adult, but as a kid I loved having this wonderful flower garden oasis.

Today I'm still drawn to sunflowers. I love that these hearty flowers are heliotropic and will naturally orient towards the sun. I also love that sunflowers work so well in different styles of floral arrangements; when pitted against a blue hydrangea a design will remind you of a country summer, but place the sunflower with eucalpytus and suddenly it's fall.

Here are five gorgeous sunflower arrangements that have been catching my eye across the web:

Which one are your favorites? I'm partial to #2 and #5. :)

Just for fun, here are a couple arrangements I worked on in my floral design classes that included sunflowers:

A landscape design

A cheerful bouquet

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A lot of random thoughts today...

I have slept like a rock the last two nights and it has been amazing. There's something so nice about being back in your own bed after traveling. All of last week I was having a hard time sleeping (it was terrible), so I'm glad to be slowly getting back to a normal REM schedule.
From Tavern & Table last night: Wings, Brussels sprouts, shishito peppers, kale salad, fig and proscuitto flatbread, and pimento cheese + bacon

This is our week of visitors; Adam's mom and step-dad were visiting Monday through this morning and his dad and girlfriend come this evening. I love having guests in town and getting the chance to show them around Charleston - especially the restaurants. Although, I've definitely been overindulging lately: Hot Little Biscuit for breakfast, Husk cheeseburger for lunch and shared plates from Tavern & Table for dinner just yesterday. A salad is calling my name for lunch today.

I love this picture snapped at breakfast this morning (Garcia's Tortilla House). Adam is mid-taco bite and looks so sad.

We have tickets tomorrow night for the Riverdogs game. There's a special celebration for Mayor Riley that I'm excited about. With everything that's happened in Charleston for the last month (plus his other 40 years of service) it's great time to honor a great mayor.

Saturday morning we're off to Ponte Vedra, Florida for the week for a little family vacation. I have been counting down the days for way too long. I haven't had a full vacation since our honeymoon and this one couldn't come at a better time. I ordered a couple books on Amazon last week in anticipation for beach reading; I've already started The Sympathizer and have All the Light We Cannot See on deck.

I'm thinking about throwing a little party with a drinking game for the first Presidential Primary debate. Things have become so absurd lately, I can't even imagine how off the wall the debate will be. I feel like the only way to not think about it too much and become depressed is by embracing the circus. I need to find some Trump themed libations.

I'm looking for a new BB cream and/or tinted moisturizer. Send me your favorites!

Happy day before Friday!

Popping in for a quick hello

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where I spent my whole weekend

Hi, friends! Sorry for the little bit of radio silence over the last few days. I've been up in Northern Kentucky hanging out with friends and family and unfortunately, haven't really taken any photos. I'll be back in Charleston this evening and will definitely be ready to get back to a somewhat normal routine and sleep schedule again. In the meantime, hope y'all are having a great week!

Happy hour with mom

Five Ridiculous Things I Saw on the Internet This Week

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Internet seemed to be really silly this week; today I'm sharing a few things that either cracked me up, made me cheer, or just totally confused me.

+ Secret Bangs

Jay Cutler must not be doing so hot this off-season because I can't think of any other reason why Kristin Cavallari would sell these terrible Secret Bangs. Girlfriend must need a paycheck real bad. You can't tell me that the mid-sneeze bang picture above was the best from the photo shoot. Step it up, Secret Bangs. And Kristin, vaccinate your kids.

+ SnapChat Gone Wrong

I'm just going to present this Snapchat without any comment...

+ Transparent Elephant Swimming Pool

You guys, I die over this giant transparent swimming pool for elephants. They look so happy! Who wants to take a trip to Japan to see it in person?

+ #PrimeDayFail

Were you as disappointed in Prime Day like everyone else in the world? Then you'll love browsing the hashtag, #PrimeDayFail. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't 50,000 different types of cell phone cases on sale.

+ Ronda Rousey calling out Floyd Mayweather.

Starting at the 2:15 mark. Respect.

Have a good weekend! I'm off to Cincinnati bright and early tomorrow morning!