100 Happy Days: Week 11

Friday, October 31, 2014

// DAY 70

In last week's floral design class, we experimented with pine cones for a fun, fall arrangement. Since we hopped in the car to KY immediately after class, my parents got lucky and received this arrangement for their dining room table. 

// DAY 71

A quick snap of the bride-to-be (at that time) and I at her rehearsal dinner. Friday's events kicked off such a great weekend.

// DAY 72

Girls pic at the wedding! We had a great time celebrating the bride and groom and dancing all night long.

// DAY 73

It was dark when we arrived back in Charleston Sunday night, but I was happy to be home. I took a quick pic of our dark and gloomy street.

// DAY 74

The festivities and travel from last weekend's events hit me hard on Monday. I think I finally got a chance to breathe and my body took advantage of it. I've been battling a weird swollen/scratchy throat all week. Tylenol Cold and Sinus has become my best friend.

// DAY 75

There are endless pictures to take of our neighborhood and sometimes I can't help myself and just start snapping. This is a shot of Philadelphia Alley, a small pathway that connects Queen and Cumberland.

// DAY 76

If I'm making dinner, it's likely to be eggs. One of my October goals was to find my "perfect" scrambled eggs recipe. This was one of the contenders. I'll have a more detailed post in the next couple weeks covering all the methods we tried and our favorites.

// DAY 77

My last floral design class was last night. It was bittersweet. While I'm happy to move on to more advanced classes, I'll miss my little group that I would meet up with every Thursday for the last couple months. I'm going to cover my thoughts on the class and some things I learned in a separate post, but suffice to say - I loved the class and think it's a great opportunity for anyone looking to learn more about design, the industry, or just a hobby.

Have a good weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Books on my Radar

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last night I finally finished A Clash of Kings, the second book in the Game of Thrones (Song of Fire and Ice) series. While the first book in the series largely matched up with the television show, this book had a lot of differences. I really enjoyed learning more about the history of Westoros and how each of the characters are intertwined. There are so many details and stories to tell, it makes sense that everything can't be included in the show. I still haven't decided if I'm going to read ahead of the show, but I will eventually read the third book. Before that happens, I need a little break from George R. R. Martin.

Here are a few books that are on my radar to read in the meantime...


This book has been sitting in my Amazon cart for about a month and I could kick myself for not preordering it. It'll definitely be in my next Prime purchase. I fell in love with Amy Poehler late in life - during the second season of Parks and Recreation. I know Leslie Knope and Amy Poehler are not really the same person, but I wouldn't be mad if they were. I've read Amy's bestie, Tina Fey's Bossypants a couple times, but I have a feeling that Yes Please is going to a little bit darker and dirtier. Here's a snippet courtesy of Time:
In my twenties I tried cocaine, which I instantly loved but eventually hated. Cocaine is terrific if you want to hang out with people you don't know very well and play Ping-Pong all night. It's bad for almost everything else... The day after cocaine is rough...The next day is the thing I can't pull off anymore. How do you explain to a four-and-six year old that you can't play Rescure Bots becaue you have to spend all day in bed eating Cape Cod potato chips and watching The Bicycle Thief?


Continuing in the theme of female-driven memoirs, I'm really interested in reading Lena Dunham's new book. I don't care for her character in Girls, or really any of the characters -- because they're all so terrible and selfish, but I am interested in reading my about Lena's life. She has had such unique experiences, that are so far from my own reality, that I think it would be interesting to read her perspective on things.


Honestly, I don't know much about this book outside of Laura telling me it was a must read. I trust her. You should too.


This book isn't for me, but for every child on my Christmas list. Please watch this video of B.J. Novak reading to children and tell me it wouldn't be a great gift. Now add it to your Christmas list too.

What's been on your must-read list lately? 

Wedded Bliss

Monday, October 27, 2014

My head's in a little bit of a fog after the wild weekend we had. I was the matron of honor in my friend Lauren's wedding on Saturday. Forgive me if I ramble or write out incoherent thoughts. I've been running on minimal sleep the last few days.

Adam and I started our journey towards Cincinnati Thursday night after my flower class. We made it to Spartanburg around 1am and crashed at the fanciest of Howard Johnson's. We resumed our trip bright and early Friday morning putting us in the Queen City by mid-afternoon. 

After a quick clean-up, we were on our way to the rehearsal at St. Catharine's in Cincinnati. The church was gorgeous and a perfect setting for a wedding. I always swoon for stained glass windows. The rehearsal portion went smoothly enough; I just kept repeating to myself when I had to move and where I had to stand. It all seemed so easy when we were practicing, but of course, the next morning I was confused again.

After the rehearsal dinner, the bridal party, families and out-of-towners made way to The Precinct for the most wonderful rehearsal dinner. The Precinct is a Jeff Ruby's restaurant and is essentially a Cincinnati institution. This was my first time there and I was blown away. The restaurant is really interesting because it's housed in an old police patrol house. We were on the third floor in the private party room and it was outfitted in wood, stained glass, and leather. I really could have spent most of the night exploring the building and checking out all the great decor. While the setting was beautiful, the service really made the experience a step-above. Good service to me is never having to ask for anything and not even noticing when you might have a plate removed or glass refilled.

We had an awesome time at the dinner. All of the food was delicious (loved the filet!) and our group was a ton of fun. Everyone was so excited for the big day ahead!

The bride and her maids!

So excited to get married!

He's such a good sport - always posing for photos.

The night flew by and before we knew it, it was time for bed. Saturday morning came quick. Before meeting all of the girls at the hotel to get ready, I stopped by Servatii's and Starbucks to grab breakfast and coffee for the group. My Americano was required after the early wake up call.  

This picture just makes me laugh. My friend Jenn did our hair and it was a lot of fun catching back up with her. Note: coffee in hand, mimosas were on deck.

The bride and her maids spent the morning and afternoon in the hotel suite getting ready. It was a really calm environment and we were able to relax and chat before the madness began. I don't have that many pictures from the day because there was a professional photographer with us at all times. I'll "steal" some of those pictures once they're published, but for now, it's a lot of random iPhone shots and stolen Facebook photos.

Gorgeous bride!

After everyone was ready and Lauren was dressed, we met the boys at a park to take group pictures. We spied while Lauren and Josh had their first look; it was adorable!

Once we finished up group pictures, solo pics, and couples pics, we were on our way to the church for the ceremony.

The service was beautiful and the bride continued to stun the crowd. I felt so honored to be there while my friend married the love of her life. I'm also happy to say I did my job correctly. No flubs here.

The party started once again when we were back in the bus. I think it's such a fun moment when you're celebrating right after a ceremony. The whole bridal party and families were such great groups; everyone was down to have a good time.


Bridal Party

Once we made it to the reception venue, my nerves started to get to me. I still had a speech to give! I somehow managed to eat dinner and calm down a bit. I don't get too nervous talking in front of crowds, but there was still a little pressure. I cheated a bit and typed out my speech. This made it so much easier to have a guide to follow. I can't really judge myself, but I think the speech went well. People laughed when they were supposed to and clapped at the end. I think that's about all I could ask for.

Stolen from Lindsey's Snapchat

After the speech, I was able to finally let loose (drink more) and spend the rest of the evening on the dance floor. The DJ was great and the dance floor was moving and grooving the whole night. Since I live 10 hours from home, attending this wedding also gave me the chance to catch up with a lot of friends from high school. 

The dance floor was full the whole night and I'm pretty sure the DJ had to eventually kick the Bride and Groom off it.

Girl shot!

The next in line! My next trip home will be for this pretty lady's wedding.

My hair stylist for the day/old friends

My hot date.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself; I managed to remove all million of the bobby pins from my hair Saturday night. I didn't, however, remove any hair spray. This disaster is what Adam had to wake up to Sunday morning; what a difference 8 hours can make. 

Adam and I spent Sunday back on the road. We somehow managed to not feel too bad, so the 10 hours went by about as fast as you could ask. Now I'm super jealous of the bride and groom who are off to Italy!

100 Happy Days: Week 10

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm going to be on the road traveling tomorrow, so this week's 100 Happy Days post is coming in a little early. 

// DAY 64

I posted a version of this picture earlier in the week, but last Friday's Happy Day post was celebrating the ridiculousness of watching Big Blue Madness in the salon chair. You can't keep me away from those Wildcats.

// DAY 65

I couldn't stop taking pictures on Saturday; the weather was insanely gorgeous and every second spent indoors was a slap in Mother Nature's face.

// DAY 66

On Sunday afternoon, I practiced a little flower photography. I was attempting to find the best lighting in our apartment for taking photos. I couldn't help but post a picture of this mum I was photographing; the bloom is so wild and intricate. 

// DAY 67

O-ku was posted up at EcoFitness on Monday night giving away free samples. I couldn't help but grab a mini spicy tuna roll. Their marketing plan worked, I'm already day-dreaming about my next trip to O-ku for the tuna tataki. 

// DAY 68

We had a pumpkin in our CSA share this week and I'm pretty sure I'm going to use it as a Halloween/Fall decoration instead of food. Since we're still in the process of furnishing our apartment, I haven't been great about putting up any seasonal decorations; this little pumpkin is definitely helping give the fall vibe. 

// DAY 69

Last night I went to dinner with a group of ladies to celebrate my good friend Jen's birthday. We had a delicious meal at The Granary in Mount Pleasant. We shared the charcuterie board and then I went with the Farmer's Plate for my entree. The consensus was definitely positive and I'd recommend The Granary to anyone looking for fresh, seasonal small plates and entrees. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!!

I'm off to Cincinnati after my floral design class tonight, have a good weekend!