Food Trucks, Biggie's, and Irene

Friday, August 26, 2011

Food Trucks are definitely the new trendy thing in Charleston. Most days you can find them split up in different locations on and off the Peninsula for lunch. And then on weekends they plan rodeos where they all come together for a big outdoor event. Last weekend Adam and I went to a Food Truck Rodeo in the Whole Foods parking lot. 

The event was a success! From 5-9PM last Saturday about 7 food trucks plopped down at Whole Foods for a fun outdoor party. I enjoy food trucks because you can sample lots of different things and be in a great social setting. 

I tried a new truck this time (Pot Kettle Black) and had a delicious order of Shrimp etouffee. Adam ate at Strada Cucina and had a filling and delicious Chicken Cutlet sandwich.We attempted to get donuts from Diggity Donuts, but lines were too long and our stomachs were already full.

If you have the opportunity to grab something from a food truck I highly recommend it.

Our new house in Charleston is about on the complete opposite side of downtown as our old one. This means trying new restaurants! Ha, I'm a-okay with that.

The other night my roommates and I ventured out to Biggie's Southern Gastropub. Biggie's was originally Granville's (which I loved), but they've since switched up the theme. The menu is pretty slim (about 5 sandwich listings and a few appetizers), but the drink menu was very impressive.

Each of us ordered the John's Island Mule, a drink which they're known for. The drink was vodka, cantaloupe juice, lime, and Sweatman's Ginger Beer. In a word: wonderful. The drink had a spicy hint from the ginger which I loved.

I opted for a simple burger. It was great, but really if you mess up a burger you've got problems. The chips were housemade that morning and you could tell. They were fresh and crisp.

Jen and Laura both had the BLT. They both enjoyed it and found the fried green tomato a fun change.

We all enjoyed our meals and drinks at Biggie's. It's close proximity to our house might be the winning note. They can expect us to be back soon!

On another note, I hope everyone stays safe and dry this weekend. It looks like we're going to miss most of Irene but will still pick up some storms and strong winds. Be careful out there!


  1. I hope the food truck trend comes to Lexington at some point, maybe 2020 is a realistic date to shoot for (: 

    Keep your restaurant reviews coming.  I love to live vicariously through you.  I love that you like to try new places.  How fun that you have a blank slate to start with on your new side of town!

  2. That food truck event sounds like so much fun full of good grub! And that gastropub? I want to try all of those drinks--especially the Dirty South! I love moving to a new neighborhood and checking out the places nearby.

  3. Hey Carly!  So glad I found your blog from Jill's blog!  And also glad that we survived and were missed by Irene!

    Hope all is well with you! :)

  4. My city's first food truck fest was this weekend and it was an epic fail. 12,000 people showed up and there wasn't enough food or trucks. Was crazy! We ended up elsewhere for dinner. Glad that you got to enjoy!

  5. The food truck event looks great. I want to try out biggies soon. This post has me hungry!