Taco Mamacita Y'all

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ohh I love this handy 'schedule post' function on blogger. Hello, future! In my life right now it's Thursday, but to all you lovely ladies it's Friday. Cray-cray. Very helpful for when I just up and leave for Seattle. ;)

So today I thought I'd share one of my lovely meals from Taco Mamacita last weekend. Adam and I made a visit out to the new taco hut on Sullivan's Island. Taco Mamacita took over for the departed Off The Hook. RIP Off the Hook. I have spent a-many a-evenings on your dance floor (literally...). It was strange to eat at Mamacita and have flashbacks to Goldmeister shots last Summer. Oh joyyy.

But anyways, I'm down with some TM. I love me some Taco Boy and believe that Mamacita is a great option for someone who doesn't want to venture downtown or out to Folly. It's about the same set up. Most of the menu was tacos, margaritas are expensive, and you still have to pay for chips and salsa. However, I did love the Mamacita has side items. Really y'all, I'm the girl who can't order pasta or a salad because they don't come with a side items. Weird, I know.


Hi. :)
Of course we started off with salsa and queso. There is no better way than the queso way. We went with the mango salsa and it was delicious. Muy bien. And the queso, well I've never had bad queso.

Whoops I lied. We really started with beer. Dos Equis is my go-to when margaritas are $7. Adam, on the other hand, likes to be manly and drink Bud Heavy.

For dinner we both did the choose two tacos and side item combo. I had The General Homeboy (Panko breaded shrimp with a sweet Thai chili sauce, shredded cabbage, sliced cabbage, green onions and cilantro) and the Vegetarian Jerk (Sautéed plantains served with shredded cabbage, mango salsa, refried black beans, spicy Caribbean jerk sauce and a peach aioli). I really, really enjoyed both. My only complaint concerns my side item. I order the corn jalapeno slaw. To have two ingredients in the name, you'd expect a lot of both. Really, it was all cabbage. I think I may have found one jalapeno piece. Lame.

Adam had The Baja Fish (Panko breaded tilapia served with crispy Napa cabbage, authentic Mexican white sauce, pico de gallo, sliced radishes and cilantro) and The Memphis (Slow braised pork, diced white onion, chopped dill pickle, jalapeño corn slaw, dry rub seasoning and barbecue sauce). He gave two thumbs up.

We both really enjoyed Taco Mamacita. Good food and good atmosphere! Big pluses! 

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  1. I reaaaaaaaallly liked my food at TM. I can't wait to go back!

  2. Thanks!  Now I'm totally craving tacos but not just any tacos, THOSE tacos.  Seriously, those flavors sound SO good.  TM is going on my list for our next visit (: