Thursday Thoughts (Random!)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today I have a bunch of random things to discuss...

I rarely listen to the radio (life without a car), so this song may have been out for awhile, but I've just fallen in love with it. I think Jason Mraz hits it out of the park with this song. It's so simple, but beautiful. Give it a listen if you haven't already.

Y'all - I have been stalking the Chipotle website since I moved to Charleston waiting for a store opening here. Well, the day has finally come - Chipotle will be opening in North Charleston and Mount Pleasant. I'm a little embarrassed by how excited I am about this one. Only thing that would make it better is one downtown. I'm just going to lie to myself and think that a DT store is on it's way.

I actually worked at Chipotle when I was in college. Let me tell you, I cannot get sick of those burritos. Granted I was broke, but there were several weeks where the only thing I ate came from the land of Chipotle. Salsa Squad for life.

Now we only need an H&M downtown and my life is set.

What would you do with a $100 gift card to Amazon? Well, if you're like me, you would buy a toothbrush. Ridiculous? Yes, I believe so. My wonderful FlexCare+ is in the mail right now. I expect it to complete change my teeth for that price tag.

Tomorrow I will be getting the first massage of my life. Confession: I am a terrible girl. I'm never had a massage, I've never even had a mani/pedi. I don't know if I would ever book a massage on my own, but it was a gift from my company, so I'm going to try it out. Is it irrational that I'm afraid I might leave the massage paralyzed? One of my good friends is in her medical residency for neurosurgery and told me a story about a man who went in for a simple massage and came out paralyzed. That is terrifying. I may request the masseuse to avoid my neck. Irrational fears = my life.

I'm currently on the hunt to find the perfect Chicken Tikka Masala recipe. I've been craving this comfort meal and have yet to find the recipe that hits the spot. I made the version pictured above from Tasty Kitchen, and while good - it wasn't Tikka Masala. Please let me know if you know of the a recipe!


  1. I can't believe Charleston didn't have a Chipotle!  And if you get an H&M, I will be really jealous.  The one in Florence is just so ghetto. 

    Never had a massage or mani/pedi?!  You've been deprived.  There's nothing to fret about, just lay back and enjoy! 

    Here's the recipe I use for Chicken Tikka.  Now I can't attest to the authenticity because I've never had it any other way.  I like this one and hopefully you will too (:

  2. Yay for Chipotle! If I moved somewhere without it, I would be major depressed so Im happy you're getting one!
    I just got an electric toothbrush myself (and did a review this past week) and I LOVE mine! Good choice :)

  3. I think every Charleston blogger mentioned Chipotle today!! I love Chicken Tikka Masala but always eat it at Taste of India in W.Ashley!!! Share if you get a good recipe!

  4. I feel ridiculous dropping that much on a toothbrush - it better live up to expectations!

  5. No need to be embarrassed, it's CHIPOTLE! I'm actually excited on your behalf!

  6. Girl, you need to get on the mani/pedi train, they are fabulous! I am getting my first facial soon and am a bit nervous. But Groupon had a good deal and I feel like I should pop my cherr. Chipotle was founded in Denver so they are everywhere here and I will never get sick of their burritos. Their barbacoa is bomb!!

  7. Chipotle is amazing and so easy! I try not to eat there too often. ;)

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  8. An H&M is going to be on the corner calhoun and king by next fall -