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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's post is brought to you by the magic of instagram! I'm only about a year late on this train, but I'm falling hard. I feel dumb because I just recently realized that you can follow people on instagram and use it like a feed. Oh well, better late than never. Since this post is based off my mad photo-editing skills, it's going to be really random. Prepare yourself.

The big thing I'm doing for Lent this year is basically not to give up on my LiveFit routine (on week 4!). However, I also added in something smaller. I'm trying to wake up earlier every day so I can watch the morning news and relax with some coffee. This was spurred by reading news about journalist deaths in Syria last week. I was embarrassed by how little I really do know about world news and affairs and wanted to change that. I've been doing this for about a week and think I'm hitting a great routine. Right now, I'm watching Morning Joe and am enjoying it. It's more political based than world news, but I really enjoy the personalities. I think I have a girl crush on Mika.

Major shoutout to Kerr for giving the heads up on Graeter's in Charleston. Y'all, I really don't even want to share this news because I'm afraid, like my beloved Apple Cinnamon Chobani, once word gets out about Graeter's it'll never be in stock again. But, I'm going to be friendly. Basically - get your ass to Publix ASAP and try this stuff. This is Cincinnati ice cream at it's finest. Incredible. Cannot say enough good things. This ice cream can both make me weep with joy and bring back wonderful memories of my childhood. Serious business. 

How cute are these measuring cups from West Elm? Probably not practical. But adorable. 

In an effort to ramp up my protein I made turkey muffins this week. These little balls of muscle power are actually pretty good. I can't lie, they aren't anything delicious, but they are an easy way to cook something in advance and have an easy snack when I need a little energy. You can find the recipe from Jamie Eason.

Now that I'm on the instagram bandwagon, expect to see a month recap post coming at the end of March. Play along with me! Follow me on instagram, my name is carlymessmer (creative...).

I'm doing a tumblr/blogger cross-over here, but have to share this post. This image sorta sums up my life:
via: Jesse Adubato

Happy March!


  1. I would like some ice cream now. Nevermind that its 10am. It would go great with my girl scout cookies. I think I am going to do the photo challenge this month too! No instagram for me....stupid t mobile and their lack of good phones...

  2. I've never had Graeter's ice cream... I need to get on that immediately.

  3. I just figured out Instagram myself! I'm doing the March challenge, too. I'll look for you on there and follow you - now that I know that's an option! :) And that cat  - it's like he's inside my head.